PressroomPressroomSouyz PDC will implement the engineering and technical part of the project for construction of Zatonskaya CHPP

Souyz PDC will implement the engineering and technical part of the project for construction of Zatonskaya CHPP


The Consortium of Companies LLC “Kaskad-Energo” (Kaluga city) and JSC “SOYUZ PDC” (Moscow city) won the tender for the right to complete the construction of 440MW CCGT unit at Zatonskaya CHPP (branch of LLC “Bashkir Generation Company”) has formed the organizational structure to implement the project. The scope of works within the Consortium is distributed in such a way that every participant works in that sphere of activity where it reached the highest technical level.    

SOYUZ PDC will be responsible for engineering and technical provision of the project, and will executed design, installation, and commissioning works. Kaskad-Energo being the leader of the Consortium will execute general construction and electrical works.  

The Consortium founded specially for participation in the tender for the right to execute the works on completion of construction of power unit at Zatonskaya CHPP is jointly liable to the customer for the project implementation. The customer in this project is LLC “Baschkir Generation Company” being the part of OJSC “Inter RAO”. Open competitive negotiations by electronic means were arranged by the Management and Procurement Center of OJSC “Inter RAO” in February 2015.      

Zatonskaya CHPP is designed for electric energy generation and transmission to bulk power systems, and for heat generation with the use of water as a heat transfer medium and transmission it to heat networks for heat supply of residential district “Zaton” in Ufa city. In 2009 the construction of CHPP was frozen. The Consortium of Companies composed of JSC “SOYUZ PDC” and LLC “Kaskad-Energo” will have to assemble two power units of total capacity 440MW, auxiliary units, as well as the required technical facilities and networks.

JSC “SOYUZ PDC” (part of SOYUZ Holding) is the company specializing in construction of power generation facilities on turnkey basis. The company has been implemented the projects with total capacity of more than 1860MW for the last 7 years. When implementing the projects SOYUZ PDC involves the joint resources of the specialized companies of SOYUZ Holding – in design, complete delivery of equipment, construction and technology engineering. This ensures implementation of power projects of any complexity with high quality and in due time.  

17 March 2015 г.

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