Customer: OJSC «TGC-6»

Contract's subject: Reconstruction of the CHP with installation of two CCGT units 185 MW each, including delivery of auxiliary materials, construction, erection, startup works, participation in commissioning of the facility.

Industry: Heat power industry

Territory:  Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia

Company, responsible for the implementation of the project:
JSC «SOYUZ Power Development Corporation»
The JSC “SOYUZ Power Development Corporation” is a general contractor, specializing in designing and turnkey construction of heat generation facilities (EPC/EPCM).



The Novogorkovskaya CHP is the energy center of the Kstovo industrial hub and satisfies demand in electric energy, heat and steam of industrial and agricultural enterprises and the population of the city. The power plant was put into operation in 1956. The installed electric power of the power plant is 305 MW, heat power – 942 Gcal/h. The equipment, commissioned in 1956, is physically and morally obsolete, subject to decommissioning and dismantling. The project of reconstruction provides commissioning of two new gas turbines with total electric power 370 MW. As a result of the reconstruction the electric power of the CHP will reach 575 MW. It will allow decreasing power shortage in the region, an improvement of reliability in providing acting and future heat requirements of the Kstovo industrial hub.